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Frontend Web Designing

Do You Want To Bridge A Gap In Your Web Skills?

Come let’s show you how to get your hands on HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, WORDPRESS, and other web tools. This is an intensive web design training programme, designed to cover all the areas that you will need in your web design and development career. We will also show you how to source materials to improve your personal development.

At the end of the programme, you will be efficient with writing your HTML codes, styling your pages using Bootstrap, registering your domain names and hosting it. You also have the opportunity to join the network of developers that we outsource projects to.

Come and start a career from what you will be learning.

This Training Is For:

1. Young school leavers who aim to position themselves for the numerous opportunities that are embedded in the world of tech
2. Young graduates who seek a career path as a web developer, software developer or as a full-stack developer
3. Employed individuals who need a side hustle
4. Unemployed or underemployed youths who feel stuck and would like to delve into a new career path
5. Innovators and entrepreneurs who seek the necessary skills to help them build new products and take these products to market sooner and more effectively
6. Business leaders who seek insights on how to automate their manual processes
7. Individuals who aim to position themselves as a brand and would like to make their services visible to potential clients
8. Young business owners who want to harness the opportunity the world wide web has to offer for their business.
9. Innovators whose designers are never really able to replicate the ideas they envision.

You Will Learn How To:

1. Design your website layout using Figma
2. Convert your design to code using HTML
3. Add styles to your codes using CSS & Bootstrap
4. Add effects to your website layout using Javascript
5. Build user interfaces for applications using React JS
6. Register your domain name and host your website

No prerequisite knowledge is required


Bonus Courses:

1. How to use add-on domains
2. How to set up and manage dedicated emails
3. Participants will be awarded certificates at the completion of the training
4. Participants will be exposed to internships and job opportunities
5. Free support and mentorship after completion of training
6. Free refresher classes for students


Start Date: Wednesday July 6, 2022

Duration: 8 Weeks

Time: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Location: 12, AmoleBye-Pass, Off Liberty Road, Closeby Brighton Hotel, Ring Road, Ibadan.

Price: ₦120,000