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CCTV Installation Services

Secure & Monitor your Property

We are here to help you achieve your security and surveillance needs. From single-camera solutions to multi-view systems.

We offer CCTV installation, repairs and sales services to clients within and outside Lagos State, Nigeria.

We handle CCTV installation services for homes, businesses, churches, warehouses, offshore facilities, support vessels, and any other location that requires surveillance. 

Benefits Of Installing a CCTV System

  • Monitor your premises anytime from anywhere via computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone— providing 24/7 protection of your facility.
  • Investigate incidents, retrieve and playback events by time, date, or location
  • Reduce crimes and employee theft
  • Reduce employee turnover by providing a safe work environment
  • Monitor and control all electronic systems and machines (i.e. point-of-sale, lights, doors, alarms, heavy equipment, work sites, vehicles)
  • Digitally observe and record any event

CCTV Installation Services

We offer full CCTV installation for your property from piping through wiring to fitting and commissioning. Our installation services covers 3 basic stages – piping and wiring, fitting and termination, and finally testing and commissioning.

We offer repair services for faulty CCTV systems. CCTV systems are very sensitive because they function all the time provided there is constant power supply. our repair services include faulty cabling, bad cameras, video feed interference, no recording, no video, faulty DVR, Cameras, NVR and many more.

We offer full CCTV wiring services for new construction buildings. Our wiring services starts with planning the required CCTV cable routes to selecting best positions for optimal coverage, this helps eliminate unnecessary wires flying around the building.

Our Approach


Get your brief of the Area to Secure


Review all the information from the brief


Select the best Security Option to use and present them


Feedback from the client on the Recommended Security Idea


Execute the Job as planned with the Client


Security Check to be sure all Area are captured as resquested


Finalize the Security Details & Hand them over to the Client.

1 Year Warranty

Our installations are backed by a 1 year factory & installation warranty, give us a call today and you’ll get the best. 

We’re not joking here.

Do you need a CCTV installation? Please request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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CCTV Installation Services