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System Sales & Repair

Promote your brand with a unique visual identity.

For every computer we build, we select only the best quality brand components for excellent reliability. Every computer is fully configured and tested before leaving the shop with the idea that you take your new PC to your home or business, plug it in, and it just works.

Our technicians are extensively trained to be able to diagnose and solve all kinds of computer problems. The fact is technology is not always perfect and when something happens, Our Team Solutions is a great place to go.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of computer service and have helped corporate and private customers in resolving many of their IT problems by either dispatching a computer engineer to the site or having the faulty computer or hard drive collected from the customer for service or data recovery in our workshop in Bangalore.

Friendly staff, a wide range of services and competitive rates, and hours that accompany all kinds of schedules are just a few reasons why our growing Service Center program is gaining popularity at a blazing pace.

our sales & Repair services include:

Our Team Solutions has been serving business and private customers with their various computer problems covering anything like computer repairs, laptop repairs, data recovery and onsite computer service.

Sales Services
  • Brand New Laptop
  • Brand New Desktop
  • UK Used Laptop
  • UK Used Desktop
  • Computer Accessories
  • Printer sales etc
Repair Services
  • Window Loading & Installation
  • Maintenance of System
  • Application Installation
  • Data Recovery
  • Printer Installation & Repair
  • Parts Replacement etc

Why Choose Us

Unlike the big box stores, we don’t build computers with the cheapest parts we can find and send it out the door. We stand behind our work, and you can have peace of mind knowing that when you buy a computer from us you get the best warranty.

Whether you are buying 1 computer for personal use or 100 computers for business use, we will give the best support and service.

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System Sales & Repair